I did this one film, early on, and I had sex with this girl in a house of mirrors, in a carnival against a wall. Her fiance/boyfriend showed up that day. So he’s standing there behind the camera , and I’m sort of with my back to the camera, and I’m looking at her face, and I can see how nervous she is. And, she was super hot. I was not trying to cross any lines that weren’t supposed to be crossed, but the fact that she was so nervous turned me on, and it just kind of made it real sexy for me. It became like a threeway with 40 people in the room. It made her like shake and nervous, and it just made it sexy as hell. [laughs] I think I’m damaged  already as hell.“  x

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Avengers (1963) #5

I have never laughed at a single panel so hard in my life. 

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I have been told more than once that I remind people of Kat Dennings. 

Every time I want to smack them.

look at this bitch. forreal though

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Photo by mark turner images. #burlesque #girlswithtattoos #tattoos

Photo by mark turner images. #burlesque #girlswithtattoos #tattoos

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